Meet your 2018 board candidates:


Daisy Weaver
Daisy has been a credit union member for 29 years, a board member for 9 years, and chairperson for approximately 7 years. Her past work includes stints with the City of Richmond as the Director of Budget and Strategic Planning as well as Chief of Staff for the Richmond City Council. In addition to her service to the credit union, Ms. Weaver also currently serves as a board member of Richmond Public Library and the Richmond Association of Retired Employees.

Winston M. Lucombe
Winston has been a board member with RVA Financial for over 15 years, giving his talents in service to the community as Comptroller, Assistant Comptroller, and a Supervisory Committee member. In addition to his commitment to the credit union’s membership, Mr. Lucombe also serves on the boards of other non-profit and civic organizations within the community.

Debora Johns
Debora Johns is a long-time member of the RVA Financial board, having served for longer than 25 years in a variety of board roles. She has been instrumental in advancing the credit union’s mission to empower the under-privileged in the Richmond area, and has played an active role in the community. Prior to her recent retirement, Ms. Johns was the Chief Auditor for Richmond Public Schools.

Norman Sales
Norman Sales recently joined the board of RVA Financial, bringing a wealth of legal knowledge and community connections to the credit union. Until December 31, 2009, Mr. Sales served as the City Attorney for Richmond.  He worked in various roles in the city attorney’s office for more than 20 years. He then went on to serve as the County Attorney for Goochland County. Norman is very active within the community.